Ostap Nyzhankivsky / Galicians II

Ostap Nyzhankivsky (1863 – 1919)

Ostap, the father of Nestor, was one of the most prominent figures in the musical life of late 19th century Halychyna (Galicia), Western Ukraine.  In 1885, he founded the ‘Musical Library’ Publishing House which was instrumental in the publication of many works by Ukraine’s most prominent and promising composers. Ostap helped popularise the piano in Western Ukraine, particularly as a solo instrument, but also as an accompanist to Ukrainian Art Song.  He adopted Western European Romanticism in his songs - highly provocative, dramatic, sometimes sharply disturbing settings.  He achieved much recognition for his compositions of choral music; of most particularly note: ‘Huljaly’ (‘They Partied) for male voices; a highly dramatic argument ensues causing unrest among friends! For Ostap the word was paramount and thus great music ensued.