Kyrylo Stetsenko (2 CDs)

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Kyrylo Stetsenko (2 CDs)


Kyrylo Stetsenko (1882-1922)

Composer, priest, publicist.  Stetsenko’s art songs display a stunning array of emotions from impassioned patriotism, bitter irony and cruel disappointment to hopeful yearning, ardent love and peaceful reflection. The melody in Stetsenko’s art songs reflects the poetic soul of a nation. A Romantic par excellence!

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Track Listing

CD 1
1. And You Abandoned
2. You Still Love Him
3. Morgana
4. Blooms and Tears
5. Forget Me
6. I Stood and Listened to the Spring
7. The Blacksmith
8. The Willow
9. Don't Laugh
10. Dear Girl, Have you Become so Sad? Why
11. My Songs
12. Broken Harp Strings
13. A Winding Path
14. Enough!
15. A Raven Caws
16. Quietly They Sway
17. I Caress Her
18. Only to Part so Soon To Meet
19. Evensong
20. The Storm has Passed
21. At Night on the Burial Mound

CD 2
1. Be Not Surprised! O
2. Does Not the Sun Awaken the Earth?
3. dear Swan Float
4. My Heart Reawakens
5. My Soul Weeps
6. Like the Evening Star
7. The Setting Sun
8. Testament
9. This Song is for You
10. Old King Cole
11. Summer Nights
12. My Soul Aches
13. I Gaze at the Bright Stars
14. Golden and Precious
15. And the Peaceful House
16. To Become the Song
17. At the Cradle
18. Why?
19. Don't Ask if I Love You
20. Poplar Tree O
21. The Skies Embraced the Seas


Contributing artists:Roman BorysPavlo HunkaAlbert Krywolt
Recording Mode:Stereo

Album Notes
Recording information: Glenn Gould Studio, Toronto, Canada (07/2005).