Using the library...

The original score of each art song in the library has been transcribed and is available as both a printable PDF and a Sibelius file (.sib) 

The Sibelius file allows you to play, transpose and print the full score; however, to use the file, you will need access to the Sibelius software application and, if you don't have Sibelius, you will need to install either the Scorch plugin for web browsers or purchase a Scorch app for iPad.

You can view and print the scores of each art song by opening the PDF file (the equivalent of a photocopy of the score).

For some songs, PDF files are available in different keys.

If you have never downloaded a PDF file, you will need to FIRST download and install a PDF viewer/reader (we recommend the Adobe Acrobat reader), by clicking on the link below or the red ACROBAT VIEWER, button above.

instructions for use of .sib files 

For those people who have an iPad, installing the Scorch app is a great and easy way to be able to play, transpose and print a .sib file.  You will need to purchase the Scorch app from the iTunes app store and the cost is only about $3. Use the link below to download the app and follow the instructions to install Scorch on your iPad.


A web browser plugin is an additional piece of software that works in conjunction with your web browser to perform a particular function. 

Please note that there can be glitches with the SCORCH plugin and the company that owns Sibelius, AVID, is in the process of phasing out the SCORCH plugin, and replacing it with a cloud alternative.  

The basic issue is that the Scorch plugin is an older piece of software that will not run on all web browsers. To get the Scorch plugin to work requires a pretty good working knowledge of computer architecture because the installation process is complicated.  

If you do still wish to use Scorch, please go to for details on installation issues.

Click here to download the Scorch plugin

If you have followed the the above and you are still having problems, please either try:

  • Scorch FAQ pages on the Sibelius site,

  • Contact Avid/Sibelius and let them know full details of your system, browser etc. and what you have tried so far. The more information you can give them, the easier it will be for them to help you.

  • Scorch trouble shooting

Although we are providing you with the links and instructions to install the SCORCH plugin, you can appreciate that we are not able to help you troubleshoot the installation process.