Summer Institute Student, Application Fee


Summer Institute Student, Application Fee


The application fee is non-refundable


Additional audition material

Candidates must also provide the following,

  • An audio or video recording of three contrasting pieces, at least one of which must be in a language other than English. (to demonstrate linguistic capabilities)
  • Resumé - Resumé, including the following information: general/music education along with dates attended, choral, chamber and/or solo experiences, and awards and reviews.
  • Two references
  • Photocopies of reviews if applicable
  • Recent photograph (colour)

Upon receipt of the application fee, the applicants will receive a link to a Dropbox account, to which additional audition materials can be uploaded.

Additional Fees

Successful applicants will be required to arrange their own accommodations for the duration of the Institute.  A link to a local student residence is provided on the Accommodations page of the website.