Summer Institute Student, Application Fee

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colour field and cleff large small.jpg

Summer Institute Student, Application Fee


The application fee is non-refundable


Additional, audition material

Candidates must also provide the following,

  • An audio or video recording of three contrasting pieces, at least one of which must be in a language other than English. (this will give us an idea of their linguistic capabilities)
  • Resumé - including general/musical education, professional experiences and awards – the FSI asks for copies of the candidates’ transcripts. – should we?
  • Two references
  • Photocopies of reviews if applicable
  • A recent portrait – this will be helpful in identifying the applicants when they arrive

once payment of the application fee is received, we will forward to you a link to a on line drop box where you can upload the additional, audition materials

Additional Fees

Successful applicants, will be required to arrange their own accommodations for the duration of the institute, links to local student housing are provided on the accommodations page of the web site