Imagine being part of the Ukrainian Art Song Summer Institute from August 12-18, 2019 at The Royal Conservatory’s TELUS Centre For Performance and Learning in Toronto.

The Ukrainian Art Song Project was established in 2004 with the dream of acquiring and promoting the classical treasures of Ukrainian art song. This ground-breaking initiative, founded by internationally renowned bass-baritone Pavlo Hunka, aims to record and publish a veritable anthology of over 1000 art songs by more than 26 of Ukraine’s greatest composers for world-wide distribution, performance and enjoyment. Equally important is introducing Ukrainian art songs to students in international conservatories and Faculties of Music. The Ukrainian Art Song Project is supported by an international cast of artists and enthusiastic music lovers and is managed by a volunteer Board based in Toronto, and will leave an extraordinary musical legacy to the world.

program details

The UASP Summer Institute will provide a rare opportunity to learn the fine points of dramatic singing from highly accomplished professionals, eager to share their experience in an informal setting. The small-group format will foster collegiality, ideal for making long-term contacts in the classical music industry.   

here’s what our participants had to say

“The opportunity to work alongside other developing artists with such a high-caliber faculty was an incredible experience. To be given substantial time performing and learning with the other participants and working with the Summer Institute teachers is a tremendous benefit that you will carry on to all other musical work.”

Andrew Skitko

“Pavlo gave us incredible insight into the creative process which leads to a convincing dramatic performance, while also showing that every song can be interpreted in endless ways. I know that may own work will never be the same.”

Dave McCune

“The hard work of Pavlo Hunka and everyone involved is all about the discovery, support and re-creation of the cultural gems which show the depth of Ukraine’s soul. As a young vocalist I have gained sense of purpose in my own artistic journey.”   

Katya Khartova

“I would highly recommend the Ukrainian Art Song Summer Institute to all singers. The program provides the singer with an artistically enriching experience-led by an inspiring and knowledgeable faculty, emphasis is placed upon communicating with the audience. It was an honour to be part of a project which aspires to bring to life so many beautiful, world class Ukrainian art songs, and a part of a team so dedicated towards this goal.”

Olenka Slywynska


With over 1000 songs in the UASP archive here are a few samples of works that participants enrolled in the Summer Institute, 2019 will be working with.

Songs from the 2017 Summer Institute