Nestor Nyzhankivsky / Galicians II

Nestor Nyzhankivsky (1893 – 1940)

After a few compositions in the style of 19th century Galician Song where the melody in the voice was paramount,  Nestor’s primary aim in composing Ukrainian Art Songs became ‘...the synthesis of  National and European musical traditions to further develop Ukrainian musical culture...’  He strived to exhault the expressive powers of the piano to create a true marriage of two instruments. Thus, his later songs are much enriched with a dialogue for piano and voice.  In the 19th century, the piano was often a mere ‘accompanist’ to much of the art song tradition.  Nestor’s style further developed after having emigrated from Ukraine to Vienna in 1920; explosive recitatives, even disputes between piano and voice – an unsettling yet riveting musical experience.