Melanie Turgeon

Melanie Turgeon is Associate Professor of Music and Choral Director at The King’s University in Edmonton, Alberta. She has conducted numerous choirs and ensembles and has presented research at several academic institutions and conferences both in Canada and internationally. She has toured extensively with her choirs, including two very successful European tours. In addition to her role at King’s, Melanie is a member of the Eparchial Liturgical Commission, where she is responsible for the incorporation of liturgical music and texts into various publications for the Ukrainian Catholic Church. She has organized and taught workshops for educating cantors and has created several resources and publications for this purpose. Since 2002, she has served as Music Director and Cantor at St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral in Edmonton.

Highlights in Melanie’s research endeavours include the publication of a book titled Composing the Sacred in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia (2008), and a hymnal with an accompanying five-CD set, Sing to our God (2008). She has also released three recordings with Heruvymy Ukrainian Female Quartet and one with King’s Choirs, titled The Voice of My Prayer (2011). In 2010 she founded Kappella Kyrie, an auditioned choir primarily devoted to Slavic sacred music. Melanie is honoured to have gained national recognition with Kappella Kyrie in the 2015 Choral Canada National Competition by placing 2nd in the Pan-Cultural Traditions Category. Her most recent research endeavour is Ukrainian Voices: Music of a Nation. In collaboration with Artistic Director and Co-founder, Mark Bailey of Yale University, Melanie is the Associate Project Director of Ukrainian Voices. Through performances, recordings, scholarship, and publications, Ukrainian Voices brings awareness, knowledge, and accessibility to the music of various cherished and celebrated Ukrainian composers from the 17th to the early 19th century. Melanie has been involved with the Ukrainian Art Song Project for several years and she is most excited to participate in Summer Institute 2017.